Photo: Morten Riis



Musikhuset Aarhus

Archive: 4/11 2020, 20:00

Thomas Jensens Allé 2, 8000 Aarhus


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The Freiburg-based Ensemble Recherche has played a number of pieces by Danish composers through the years and has visited Denmark many times. Their latest close collaboration is with Danish composer Allan Gravgaard Madsen and for this concert furthermore composer of electronic music Morten Riis. This entire concert is constructed by music on music on music.

Gravgaard Mansen has written a work inspired by and with sounding drops from the musical masterpieces of earlier times. The work is a suite with movement names from the Baroque. While this music is being played by the ensemble, Gravgaard Madsen's music is simultaneously recomposed by a music machine constructed by Morten Riis, Electro Mechanical Loudspeaker Orchestra. The composer writes: ”Thus the merged movements appear as a mix of past, present and future, of traditional and experimenting classical music as well as electronic music/sound art”.

Ensemble Recherche moves on to play music by German composer Isabel Mundry. Primarily her arrangements of songs by the composer Dufay (1397-1474), but also two shorter pieces from the early 2000's: Sandschleifen and Der letzte Seufzer. The music by Mundry is distinct and mysterious at the same time, it opens a soundworld both modern and sensuous.

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Morten Riis: Suite for electro Mechanical Loudspeaker Orchestra (2020) Uropførelse
Allan Gravgaard Madsen: Suite (2014-2018)  Dansk førsteopførelse


Isabel Mundry: Dufay-bearbeitungen (2003/2006)
                        Sandschleifen (2003/2006)
                        Der letzte Seufer (2000)


Recomposed is presented by Foreningen 458 in collaboration with KLANG-Festival and Det Jyske Musikkonservatorium.

With the kind support of Augustinus Fonden, Dansk Komponistforenings Produktionspulje / KODA Kultur, Statens Kunstfonds Legatudvalg for Musik, Goethe-Institut Dänemark, Aarhus Kommunes Musikpulje, Sonning-Fonden, Dansk Solistforbund, Det Jyske Musikkonservatorium og Aarhus Unge Tonekunstnere

The project is part of the Danish-German cultural friendship year 2020