Photo: Rasmus Zwicki

An Apartment Opera



30/10 2020, 19:00

Stigbordene 37, Kbh SV


NB: This show has been altered to 19.00 (originally annonced to 20.00)

Rasmus Zwicki has created an opera that follows us all the way into our everyday life. The performances take place in a private home, where the tiny audience will experience the musicians and the singers close up, and everyday life seems akin to, if not inseparable from art. The lyrics are originally taken from notices from a staircase in Duncan House in London, where the composer resided for a number of years. Combined with words written on walls, they represent an attempt to create communication between the residents of the house. At the same time Zwicki makes this communication more intimate, sung close to an audience, and more universal, since it is being elevated from the specific noticeboard into our minds, our everyday life, our closeness. In every way a unique experience, every performance different from the previous. Five performances have been scheduled with musicians from Lydenskab and Ensemble PlusMinus.

Additional performances on 31/10 at 2 pm. and 5.30 pm. and 1/11 at 1 pm and 3 pm.

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For 2020 only KLANG takes place in the autumn. Updates on KLANG's policies for keeping audiences and artists safe during the Corona situation on In case of cancelations tickets will, of course, be refunded.


Rasmus Zwicki: Duncan House (2019)


Rasmus Zwicki



Laura Bowler

David Danholt

Jasper Cartwright

Caspar Phillipson

Laura Kamis Wrang