World-class chamber music

Uncompromising contemporary music played by ensembles and soloists ranking among the best in the world! – this has been the focus of KLANG Festival, ever since the festival first opened in 2009.
In 2020 KLANG is once again visited by a row of world-class Danish and international ensembles and soloists. Experience a.o. Ensemble Recherche (D) and Morten Riis explore recomposed music. Or listen to Gérard Grisey's masterpiece Vortex Temporum played by the Norwegian Ensemble Temporum. Athelas Sinfonietta, KLANG's permanent partner, presents no less than three unique concerts, highlighting among others the composer Niels Rosing-Schow. The festival programme also offers Polish contemporary music, played by Kwartludium (PL), and Scandinavian, with Damkapellet presenting the results of their one-of-a-kind collective approach to creation and music. These are just a few of the things you can experience, when KLANG presents chamber music in world class.

Opera and performance

Through the latest years international contemporary music has flourished with opera and other cross-artistic musical performances. These are performances challenging the common idea of music and experimenting with all of our senses.
Duncan House by Rasmus Zwicki is an intimate opera performed by a.o. Lydenskab and PlusMinus. A curious and exclusive audience is invited into private homes to witness a show focused on the small troubles of everyday life.
Hannes Seidl's Land is being performed in cooperation with Scenatet. The show is a five hour picnic and explores what will happen, if fields and open land move into the cities.
The protest piece KUDZU by Malin Bång is performed at the intimate Literaturhaus. The piece deals with – and protests against – the economical and political mechanisms destroying our environment.
The composers Jeppe Just Christensen and Simon Løffler belong to a generation of composers experimenting with home-build instruments, who are not afraid of being in the center of their own performance. At this year's KLANG the composers each present a concert directing the attention on themselves, their inventions and their music.

Behind the work

Contemporary music must be accessible to everyone – even if the music presented at KLANG is sometimes both uncompromising and abstract. The audience is invited into the world of composition, as our talented cultural communicators look into the background for the pieces.
Athelas Sinfonietta puts the spotlight on Niels Rosing Schow at a big portrait concert on October 31st. The day before, October 30st, KLANG, Athelas and Rosing-Schow present a specially designed Lecture Concert, where the curious can learn more about the world of the composer.
KLANG is presenting its first collaboration with Musikmuseet. On October 31st we offer a vernissage and presentation of the interactive music experiment Esophon. The work is created by Anders Monrad and Simon Nielsen. At Musikmuseet on November 1st you can experience an Open workshop with Damkapellet, and there will also be room for a conversation on gender and musical power of creation.
On November 2nd KLANG and Damkapellet offers Another Composer Coffee in Koncertkirken prior to their concert in the evening. Come and have a cup of coffee with the artists, and listen to composer Lo Kristenson talk about her music.
KLANG Festival is also a composers' festival, and many of them participate in the festival. When KLANG invites you to Musiksnak, you will be able to meet a selected company of participating composers, who will present their work in dialogue with KLANG's cultural communicators.

Music for children and youth

Everybody has a right to great music experiences!
KLANG's family festival KLANG i KU.BE takes place this year on November 7th and 8th. Join us on a musical journey into the emotional world of colours or into a dream world, where blades of grass can turn into a forest, and the handbag into a house.
KLANG i KU.BE offers entirely new musical performances for children and grown-ups of every age. During KLANG i KU.BE music is equally created by both children and grown-ups. Some of the concert's programmes contains music by very young people. And in Esophon everyone can participate in creating the music. Esophon is a sound installation, where everyone can create sound – children, grown-ups and everybody inbetween.
Welcome to children's concerts, opera, music school students and more.