to KLANG 2019

KLANG Festival is Denmark's largest international festival for contemporary music. KLANG takes place on May 30 to June 10 in The Black Diamond (The Royal Library), the Concert Church, Alice, KU.BE and at several other venues in the Copenhagen.

In 2009, the first KLANG festival took place, then under the name Athelas New Music Festival. The first festival was a birthday celebration of one of Denmark's most important living composers, Poul Ruders, who was then 60 years old. From a sharply profiled niche festival, KLANG has since developed into one of Europe's major international festivals for contemporary music. This year, KLANG celebrates its 10th anniversary with yet another sparkling concert program!

Newly written opera, intimate late-night concerts as well as a variety of world-class uncompromising chamber music.

The mini festival KLANG AT KU.BE again presents lots of music and music theater for and with children of all ages.

And of course we are celebrating our anniversary with a healthy selection of things to celebrate in this world: great artistic experiences for everyone, music and community. Among other things, with a bunch of free experiences for special occasions.

Poul Ruders, who turns 70 this year, is of course also back at the KLANG Festival.

Welcome to KLANG-Festival 2019

Christian Winther Christensen and Regin Petersen
Festival Leaders

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