Photo: Maciej Lemanskib

Erotics, sex and love



Archive: 3/6 2019, 21:30

Møllegade 7
2200 København N


The color is pink, the voices whispering and gentle, and the mood more intimate than usual at a concert with new music. Unlike in other art forms, it is not often seen that newly written music focuses on eroticism. But it is present at this concert where three works are presented. Jodlowski's contribution to Serie Rose is new music for piano and electronics, where layers of voices, among others from porn movies, tell a story, while the tones put the story into perspective. Public Privacy#6 BoxMachine is the title of Muntendorf's work, and in a way it is characteristic for the entire project: the private in the open, the open drawn into the private, the rendering, the movie, the soundtrack and the live music. All of it represents clashes of intimacy and publicity. And in all parts with the voice and eroticism in focus. Monika Pasiecznik is the curator of the project.


Erwin Schulhoff: Sonata Erotica
Francois Sarhan: Finger and mouth
Brigitta Muntendorf: Public Privacy#6 BoxMachine | voice cover
Pierre Jodlowski: Serie rose
Frauke Aulbert: The listener is present
Juliana Hodkinson & Niels Ronsholdt: X&X


Frauke Aulbert

Malgorzata Walentynowicz