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Virtuoso piano music



Archive: 7/6 2019, 20:00

Blågårds Pl. 6A
2200 København


The british composer and pianist Rolf Hind has premiered and performed works by many 20th and 21st century composers. Furthermore he has always lent an ear to Danish composers and has often visited Denmark. This concert program varies in a lot of ways. Miriama Young's piece Grey Ghost is full of recordings of nature and birdlife in New Zealand. From his own production Hind will play the piece with the gloomy title The Dark Hug of Time, which is dedicated to the composer Peter Maxwell Davies, the piece Piano/Dance, in which an extra artist participates (in this case Martin Stauning), and finally in the piece A Single Hair (...), referring in its title to three fairytales, the piano is softly prepared. Crossley has written a number of pieces with the title Koan, Japanese for 'a question asked in public space'. Koan is used in Zen Buddhism. The music casts doubt on all the premises associated with music: on the listener's sensation, on the notes, the situation. We have the doubt, the question and the music in common. The Danish works at the concert are Nørgård's Waterways from 2008 and six sonatas by Thomas Agerfeldt Olesen, oscillating between wild energetic expression and heartfelt search for silence. The world premiere of the concert is composed by Martin Stauning, who tells us the following: "The piece explores hysteria, in the sense of an individual's uneasiness in the roll imposed on it". Stauning describes the work, in which the pianist uses his voice in addition, as "a sort of decontructed duet nightmare for solo pianist".


Miriama Young: Grey Ghost
Rolf Hind: The Dark Hug of Time
Per Norgard: Waterways
Thomas Agerfeldt Olesen: 6 sonatas


Martin Stauning: Somniloquy II  WORLD PREMIERE
Rolf Hind: Piano/Dance
Rolf Hind: A single hair, a jasmine petal, seven mattresses, a pea.
Andrew Crossley: Koan #5


Rolf Hind