Photo: Lars Skaaning

Harpsichord of love



Archive: 9/6 2019, 19:30

Blågårds Pl. 6A
2200 København


Ten years ago, Poul Ruders celebrated his 60 years birthday at the festival Athelas New Music Festival, the predecessor of KLANG. Bearing that in mind, it makes good sense to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of the festival with music by Poul Ruders, now turning 70. The programme consists of two pieces: One is Serenade on the Shores of the Cosmic Ocean, a piece in nine movements developing from rumbling extroversion to the deepest intense beauty. Not necessarily as a gradual development, more often by quick switches, from one mood to another following the movements. Each movement has a title, a quote from a scientist or an author, from Carl Sagan through Charles Darwin to Joseph Conrad and Shakespeare. 18 years earlier Ruders composed the first the first of two works with the title Cembal d'amore. Works written for the precise crackling sound of a harpsichord combined with the soft sound of felt produced by a modern grand piano. Through five movements Ruders explores the combination of the two instruments in repertoire, sound, rhythm and history.


Poul Ruders: Serenade on the Shores of the Cosmic Ocean (2004)
Poul Ruders: Cembal d’amore I (1986)


Bjarke Mogensen

Erik Kaltoft

Frode Stengaard

Alba String Quartet