Children and young people play new music in collaboration with Edition-S

KLANG in KUBE / Young soloists


Archive: 1/6 2019, 16:00

Dirch Passers Allé 4
2000 Frederiksberg

Free entrance

Young soloists

When children and young people learn to play an instrument, it is a gift to discover new musical worlds. Music publisher Edition · S has given new opportunities to their music school series Educate · S, which are newly written pieces by current composers written for music school students.

In collaboration with Edition · S and initiator of the node series, composer and teacher Østen Mikal Ore, KLANG presents a workshop and a concert for music school students and their teachers based on the new music and the pieces in the Educate · S series.


Everyone has the right to great music experiences! At the mini-festival KLANG in KUBE, we make sure that the smallest, the small and the not so small are ensured one or more great music experiences. During KLANG in KUBE there are musical experiences for children from 2 years up to the almost-adults and indeed those who have just sneaked into adulthood. The best part is that a lot of the music by KLANG in KUBE is composed by very young people. It's not just music FOR younger people, but also BY younger people. Welcome to children's concerts, music school students, music dissemination, Chinese instruments and much more.


Pieces from Educate S, performed by Danish music students

Fuzzy: Lille vals (2016) WORLD PREMIERE
violin: Helena Ngyuen and Lily Phuong Ngo(Hvidovre Musikskole)

Ejnar Kanding: Sommerdis ved skovsøen (2018)
accordion: Freja Sibbern (MGK-Køge)

Martin Stauning: Listetrappe (2016) WORLD PREMIERE
violin: Helena Ngyuen (Hvidovre Musikskole)

Fuzzy: Chaplin (2018)
accordion: Victor Kettel (Musikhøjskolen)

Eva Noer Kondrup: En tur på stranden (2016)
violin: Lily Phuong Ngo (Hvidovre Musikskole)

Ib Nørholm: Over Strengene (2016)
violin: Lucia Ngyuen (Hvidovre Musikskole)

Ejnar Kanding: Varm dans ved aftenbål (2018)
accordion: Timoléon Rescan (Musikhøjskolen)

Fuzzy: Ragtime (2016) WORLD PREMIERE
violin: Sara Lucia Pal and Frida Marie Andersen (Kolding Musikskole)

Jexper Holmen: Hvis solen var en lyd (for accordion trio – 2018)
accordeon: Victor Kittel, Timoléon Rescan and Anka Zlateva (Musikhøjskolen)

The concert is presented by Edition S