A musical journey for children (age 3-8) and teddy bears

KLANG in KUBE / Genklange


Archive: 1/6 2019, 11:00

Dirch Passers Allé 4
2000 Frederiksberg


Genklange (Echoes)

Would you like to come on a journey into the world - a world that will captivate and surprise you? Julie and Tomas will take you to exciting, exotic places and play and sing about marvelous people and animals. Do you want to go sailing on the canals of Venice, pick lemons directly from the trees and fly off to where the elves are found? Come and hear music from all times - from songs composed many, many years ago to completely newly composed children's songs by Thomas Goosemann with poems by Tom Kristensen.


Everyone has the right to great music experiences! At the mini-festival KLANG in KUBE, we make sure that the smallest, the small and the not so small are ensured one or more great music experiences. During KLANG in KUBE there are musical experiences for children from 2 years up to the almost-adults and indeed those who have just sneaked into adulthood. The best part is that a lot of the music by KLANG in KUBE is composed by very young people. It's not just music FOR younger people, but also BY younger people. Welcome to children's concerts, music school students, music dissemination, Chinese instruments and much more.


Gebauer: En lille nisse rejste
Britten: Come you not from Newcastle
Di Capua: O sole mio
Thomas Gooseman: Sang fra Tom Kristensens 'Fribytterdrømme' WORLD PREMIERE
Schostakovitch: Song of Poverty, from Jewish Folk music
Thomas Gooseman: Sang fra Tom Kristensens 'Fribytterdrømme' WORLD PREMIERE
Poulenc: Voyage a Paris
Vaughan-Williams: The Vagabond, from Songs of Travel
Tofft: Ole sad på en knold og sang
Viardot: Madrid

Julie Andkjær-Olsen, piano
Tomas Medici, tenor

The concert is presented in collaboration with Genklange