Nordic Choirs sing contemporary music for children

KLANG in KUBE / Frederiksberg and Frederikstads Childrens Choirs


Archive: 1/6 2019, 15:00

Dirch Passers Allé 4
2000 Frederiksberg

Free entrance

Children's choir from Frederiksberg and Fredrikstad

Choirs from Denmark and Norway sing songs about God and angels, about pirates and children who do not want to sleep - when we open the doors to this concert with children's and youth choirs from both Fredrikstad, Norway and Frederiksberg, Denmark. The choirs sing together and separately.
The choirs sing music, written by composers, all of whom were born within the last hundred years, among others Knut Nystedt, Claus Vestergaard Jensen and Trond Gilberg, as well as folk songs from both Norway and Denmark. There will be a fresh and varied concert with children and young people in focus.


Everyone has the right to great music experiences! At the mini-festival KLANG in KUBE, we make sure that the smallest, the small and the not so small are ensured one or more great music experiences. During KLANG in KUBE there are musical experiences for children from 2 years up to the almost-adults and indeed those who have just sneaked into adulthood. The best part is that a lot of the music by KLANG in KUBE is composed by very young people. It's not just music FOR younger people, but also BY younger people. Welcome to children's concerts, music school students, music dissemination, Chinese instruments and much more.


New music for children and young people, among others. Knut Nystedt, Claus Vestergaard Jensen and Trond Gilberg, as well as popular songs from both Norway and Denmark

Traditional norwegian folk tune, arr. Linn Andrea Fuglseth: Velkomne med æra (year unknown)
John Leavitt: Kyrie (1989)
Folkevise fra Langeland: I skovens dybe stille ro
Folkevise fra Åland: Vem kan segla förutan vind
Ingrid Mostad Bråten: Dans og syng (2012)
Andy Beck: Clap your hands (2009)
text by Halfdan Rasmussen: Kanonkongen Knold (1967)
Linda Vilhelmsen: Sørøverkongen Jonathan (1998)

Jørgen Gleerup: Solen stiger (1981)
Trond Gilberg: Herre jeg vil gjerne takke (2014)
Trond Gilberg: Han oppstod (2016)
Detlef Heusinger: Matthäus 344b (2017)
Knut Nystedt: Han er opstanden (1972)
Claus Vestergaard Jensen: Syng Herren en ny sang (2000)
Traditional norwegian folk tune, arr. Linn Andrea Fuglseth: Sulla meg litt (2011)
Unknown (arr. Pia Boysen): Alle sange vi kender

Glemmen Church Children's Choir and Youth Choir, Fredrikstad, led by Randi Clausen Aarflot
Frederiksberg Sogn's Girls Choir and Junior Choir under the direction of Sigrid Damsager
Piano: Trond Gilberg


Sigrid Damsager

Randi Clausen Aarflot

Frederiksberg Sogns Pigekor og Juniorkor

Glemmen kirkes Barnekor og Ungdomskantori

Trond Gilberg