Young Middle Eastern music for cello

KLANG at ALICE / Alexandra Hallén

Union (Verdenskulturcentret)

Archive: 8/6 2019, 16:00

Nørre Allé 7
2200 København

Free entrance

Alexandra Hallén

Through the Egyptian Contemporary Music Society, Swedish cellist Alexandra Hallén has launched a project for young composers from the Middle East. The contributing composers are part of a collaboration with Hallén, who performs the selected works at both Contemporary Music Biennale in Cairo and KLANG Festival in Copenhagen. The three composers at the concert come from Syria (Jalo), Morocco (Essyad) and Egypt (Madkour).

Alexandra Hallén is Swedish, with musical affiliation to a number of Danish composers and musicians and with a musical and professional curiosity that goes far beyond national borders and genres. It finds expression, among other things, in projects like this.


Music is the universal language, the language of the music has no boundaries – the obvious clichés are many, and we know very well that they are not quite right. Of course, music is different across the globe, surely the music cultures and the ways we listen to music are completely different. One thing, however, is common to all of us: We all produce music. In KLANG at Alice, KLANG Festival along with e.g. Athelas Sinfonietta takes a step out into the world to get acquainted with some of the ways in which the new music sounds outside of the small western cultural circle. Therefore, for these concerts the festival has moved to the playground Alice, which houses the world music in all its diversity.


Ahmed Essyad: Ichou (2002) WORLD PREMIERE
Ahmed Madkour: Voice Message WORLD PREMIERE
Daisam Jalo: Tanz des Egos

The concert is part of the Manassat collaboration – a collaboration between KLANG, Athelas and the Cairo Contamporary Music Days. Manassat is supported by the Arab Fund for Arts and Culture


Alexandra Hallén