Photo: Manfred Daams & Thomas Sawer

Egyptian/German music with the voice in focus

KLANG at ALICE / My voice, your voice, our voice


Archive: 8/6 2019, 20:00

Nørre Allé 7
2200 København


My voice, your voice, our voice

"My Voice, Your Voice, Our Voice" is an Egyptian-German collaboration project with the human voice in focus. The project aims at bringing cultures closer together through the use and exploration of Arabic and European languages. The singer and instrumentalist Kamilya Jubran is the voice that brings this event together.

George's piece is about death, in the way she was inspired to think about it when she was close to the Coptic congregation in Cairo. The death of Jesus on the cross, terrorist bombing of Coptic churches, the world's decay, and thoughts of asceticism all lie behind her work and title selection.

Seidl counterposes the singer against the instrumentalists in The Only Way Is Up, Baby. The musicians play upward scales in unison, as one can meet it in the Arabic tradition, where several instruments play the same tune. But the scales are not Arabic. Faced with these united, interconnected musicians, the soloist is moving around musically freely.

Muntendorf's Keep Quiet and Dance focuses on revolution or change. The inner, personal revolution and the outgoing, social one. She mentions two women as an inspiration in the thought of change and revolution: Egyptian physician, psychiatrist, writer and feminist Nawal El Saadawi and Elektra from Greek mythology.


Music is the universal language, the language of the music has no boundaries – the obvious clichés are many, and we know very well that they are not quite right. Of course, music is different across the globe, surely the music cultures and the ways we listen to music are completely different. One thing, however, is common to all of us: We all produce music. In KLANG at Alice, KLANG Festival along with e.g. Athelas Sinfonietta takes a step out into the world to get acquainted with some of the ways in which the new music sounds outside of the small western cultural circle. Therefore, for these concerts the festival has moved to the playground Alice, which houses the world music in all its diversity.


Ahmed Madqour: Kam II (reinterpretation)
Jacqueline George: Death Proofs Eternity
Brigitta Muntendorf: Keep Quiet and Dance
Dirar Kalash: Al-Hamza : Wasl / Qata' WORLD PREMIER
Hannes Seidl: The Only Way is Up, Baby

The concert is part of the Manassat collaboration – a collaboration between KLANG, Athelas and the Cairo Contamporary Music Days. Manassat is supported by the Arab Fund for Arts and Culture and The Danish Egyptian Dialogue Institute


Kamilya Jubran

Lisa Marie Vogel

Alexandra Hallén

Sherif el Razzaz

Mohammed Arafa