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Archive: 6/6 2019, 20:00

Blågårds Pl. 6A
2200 København


Ensemble Mosaik take us on a tour through the recent years' contemporary music, focusing on electronics, gadgets, rhythmic drive and noise sounds. Amperian Loops 3 by Swedish Johan Svensson consists of tight sequences for acoustic instruments and electronics.

The works by Kaj Duncan David with the title Micro 1-4 is commissioned by Ensemble Mosaik, and the composer calls them audiovisual miniature interludes.

Rdja means rust and is the title of Djordjevics chamber piece which after the premiere received an enthusiastic description by a thrilled reviewer: "The piece is an opulently instrumentated process of corrosion". The inspiration from rust, colouring and altering the original hard shape into something fragile and delicate, is dominating the sound, shape and perception of time in the piece.

The world premiere at this concert is by Ricardo Eizirik and is a part of his series of works for instruments and 'found objects', which bears the title Junkyard Piece. Apart from the world premiere of Junkyard Piece III, you can also hear another piece from the series: Junkyard Piece I.


Johan Svensson: Amperian loops 3
Kaj Duncan David: micro .· micro
Milica Djordjevic: Rdja
Kaj Duncan David: micro .·:: micro .:·.:
Ricardo Eizirik: Junkyard Piece I + III WORLD PREMIERE

Ricardo Eizirik's Junkyard Piece is comissioned by KLANG-Festival and realized with the support of Pro Helvetia, Swiss Arts Council


Ensemble Mosaik

Christoph Breidler