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New opera by Jexper Holmen



Archive: 31/5 2019, 20:00

Blågårds Pl. 6A
2200 København


"Adele lives with Leon – but there is something wrong. Adele creates disasters around her. Although she is both sweet and lively, she acts strangely phlegmatically, doing unpleasant things like killing small animals, scalds her sister, etc.". This is how the librettist Jesper Lützhøft begins a short synopsis of the opera. Insecurity, mystery, everyday boredom, violence, the crying of a child and sex all play a part in De mørkeblå... (The title loosely translates to "The Dark Blue Purple Women in the suburbs"). In addition, the composer Jexper Holmen comments: "As in previous works I have written, the opera's score is extreme and characterized by unity. It is strictly homophonic from one end to the other, and the orchestra plays almost nothing but chromatic clusters". By letting the singers grow into the orchestra, Holmen manages to picture the characters as they really are: figures in an opera and not people of flesh and blood.

In short, the main characters are Adele, her sister Beatrice, and Adele's husband, Leon. Adele is not a relaxed and easy person. As if produced by an unbalanced emotional volcano, disasters occur around her, while the three main characters' relationship is calmly drawn into the abyss.


Jexper Holmen: De mørkeblå lillakvinder i villakvartererne WORLD PREMIERE

The opera is performed four times: Thur. May 30th at 8 pm, Fri. May 31st at 8 pm, Sat. June 1st at 8 pm, Sun. June 2nd at 12 am

Duration approx. 90 min., no intermission

De mørkeblå lillakvinder i villakvartererne
Opera by Jexper Holmen and Jesper Lützhøft

Staging: Freja Friberg Lyme

Conductor: Eirik Haukaas Ødegård

Adele: Nana Bugge Rasmussen
Leon: Jakob Bloch Jespersen
Beatrice: Johanne Højlund
Erika: Idil Alpsoy
Enrique: David Kragh Danving
Voice in radio: Steffen Bruun

Costumes: Julie Krøjer Hansen

Projector: Rika Yasui Hamman

De mørkeblå lillakvinder i villakvartererne is supported by the Danish Arts Foundation, Knud Højgårds Fond, Beckett Fonden, KODA-Dramatik and Musikforlæggerne.


Freja Friberg Lyme

Eirik Haukaas Ødegård

Nana Bugge Rasmussen

Jakob Bloch Jespersen

Johanne Højlund

Idil Alpsoy

David Kragh Danving

Steffen Bruun