Photo: Archive John Collier

Post-apocalyptic piano music



Archive: 10/6 2019, 22:00

Møllegade 7
2200 København N


A pianist works, registers statements, shows, notes. We are the audience who observes her, the pianist, the oracle, who conducts a ritual. Niels Rønsholdt says: “… the pianist plays a role as a kind of oracle or survivor in or from a future, where the world as we know it has broken down, and man is more or less dismantled. She tries to remember, record human emotions and experiences, before they disappear. She uses everything she has available and at hand: the instrument“.
Both nights take place in a dystopian future where man is no more. “I am fascinated by the idea of ​​what will be left of man – the idea that for instance art survives man: When man is gone, all that we felt and experienced is also lost. But it lives as a kind of echo in literature and music, captured and maintained in a kind of code language".
In his music Rønsholdt often focuses on people, emotions, expressions and what we say and do. It makes his works communicative, theatrical and deeply human. In the Archive of Emotions and Experiences, we as the audience will follow the registration of exactly what Rønsholdt captures in his music.


Niels Rønsholdt:  Archive of Emotions and Experiences, part 2/2 WORLD PREMIERE


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