Opera and late-night curiosity

The opera The dark blue purple women in the villa neighborhoods are premiered at KLANG on 30 May. Insecurity, mystery, everyday life, violence, childhood and sex all play a part in this absurd opera by Jexper Holmen.

The intimate venue Literaturhaus sets the scene for a series of late-night concerts: small concerts that in different ways philosophise on the future!

World class chamber music

The experimental chamber music has always been the backbone of the KLANG program. This is where you can experience the very latest and most uncompromising contemporary music from Denmark and the rest of the world.

In 2019 guests over 30 Danish and international ensembles and soloists festival. The program includes names like Mosaic Ensemble (D), Axiom (NO), Rolf Hind (GB), Scenate (DK) and many more. World-class chamber music takes place in the Concert Church in Nørrebro.

Free experiences for special occasions

KLANG-Festival celebrates its 10th anniversary. June 4, everyone can have the opportunity to celebrate the event when The Royal Life Guards Music Corps plays new march music at Søren Kierkegaard's Square.

Open KLANG 5 June are small concerts in Frederiksberg Church and Sognehus. - Contemporary music in bite-sized chunks. The event is free… however, the whiskey must be paid for!

On June 8, KLANG occupies the Alice and Union venue. Cultures meet and mix in pleasant surroundings. Experience contemporary music in the sun and eat when KLANG and Send Several Spices invite for common eating.

Music for children and young people ▍

Everyone has the right to great music experiences! With this in mind, we have created the mini festival KLANG in KU.BE which takes place in KU.BE in Frederiksberg. Experience music theater performance Summer growth for 6-10 year olds while sending little sister to the premiere of Figura Ensemble's new children's performance Puzzles for 2-4 year olds. You can also experience a large number of music school students and other young people try their hand at contemporary music - as practitioners, composers and instrument builders!