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Opera by Salvatore Sciarrino



Archive: 7/6 2018, 21:30

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Aspern Papers is a dark story by American author Henry James, who lived from 1843-1916. In short, it is about a man who is so crazy after getting his fingers in a famous author's abandoned letters that he is willing to steal from the author's former boyfriend and tries to get close to the old lady by kurtizing her niece. The story does not end well for any of the involved - at least not on the surface.

This story inspired in the late 1970s Salvatore Sciarrino to write the Aspern Suite for Soprano and Ensemble. A kissed musical tale, drawing power from Venice (where the story takes place), from Da Pope's lyrics to Mozart's Figaro wedding. Virtuos and low-heeled, intense and chubby; Sciarrinos mini opera balances these contrasts completely seamlessly - and retains all the terms that are found between these extremes.

SCENATET has previously had great success in performing Sciarrin's opera Infinite nero in 2015 and 16 in both Denmark and Poland.


Salvatore Sciarrino: Aspern Suite

The opera plays from June 6-8th