New Polish string music



Archive: 4/6 2018, 22:00

Blågårds Pl. 6A
2200 København


A string quartet can be both an ensemble consisting of two violinists, a bratschist and a cellist and it can be a work composed for the crew two violins, a rock and a cello. At this concert, the string quartet does not necessarily play on their own instruments, or play the instruments as usual.

There are three performances on the program by a Finnish, Danish and German composer. Three very different composers' bid for a work for a classic crew. The other two string quartets at the concert are Blecharz's studies of limits and transitions, Liminal Studies from 2014, which at least exceed the limits of how we usually hear a string quartet and Justé Janulytés Aria from 2008, which is a slow survey of the instruments' sound world, where melody piles hide around the sounding areas and the long, extended lines.


Anna Huuskonen: New string quartet  WORLD PREMIERE
Simon Christensen: New string quartet  WORLD PREMIERE
Wojtek Blecharz: Liminal Studies – for string quartet
Justé Janulyté: Aria for string quartet
Peter Helmut Lang: New string quartet  WORLD PREMIERE

Co-financed by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of the Republic of Poland