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KLANG and the incredible! / Copenhagen Phil and Kristjan Järvi

Tivolis Koncertsal

Archive: 2/6 2018, 19:30

Vesterbrogade 3
1630 København


Light, image and music are the ingredients of this concert. Four very different pieces are framed by living images and lights by the video artists Lau Lindqvist and Mads Knudsen. Penderecki's classic piece Threnody for the victims of Hiroshima from 1960 and a world premiere by Jeppe Just Christensen form the program - the oldest piece against the newest. The two other pieces are both written by composers who move between several genres: film music, pop, indie, cross-over and classical / new music. Max Richter's Infra is also the title of an album he released in 2010 based on music for a ballet based on T.S. Eliot's famous poem The Waste Land. Jonny Greenwood's inspiration comes partly from the Indian instrument Tanpura and its drone sounds and partly from a line by the English poet Philip Larkin, describing the light seen through the water in a glass.


The concert is co-produced with Tivoli Sommerklassisk


Krzysztof Penderecki: Threnody
Max Richter: Infra
Jonny Greenwood: Water
Jeppe Just Christensen: * One Song in Three Movements  WORLD PREMIERE
Morten Riis: *for fire, reel to reel tape recorder, earth, water
magnetic tape and wind


* The piece is supported by the Danish Arts Foundation


Kristjan Järvi

Tivoli Copenhagen Phil

Jeppe Just Instituttet