Opening concert at Den Sorte Diamant


Den Sorte Diamant

Archive: 29/5 2018, 20:00

Søren Kierkegaards Plads 1
1221 København K


Athelas Sinfonietta opens KLANG festival 2018 with a world premiere, a classic and two pieces by significant composers.

The world premiere is a new piece by Danish Morten Ladehoff, who have previously reached his audience with edgy, energetic pieces with a not so insignificant humorous component.

Brazilian composer Ricardo S. Eizirik - who has lived and studied in Sweden, Switzerland and Austria - has been inspired by German film director Fritz Lang and his epic-based science fiction film Metropolis, where the Great Machine suddenly gets a demonic character and becomes Moloch who receives human sacrifices. Along the way, the music is cited from the famous film.

Sarah Nemtsov's music is vibrant and full of volatile characters and seductive creatures. She has composed since she was a child and has an impressive series of pieces behind her, which includes several stage pieces and a wide range of ensemble pieces.

Monadologie is the title of a series of pieces by the Austrian composer Bernhard Lang. The word comes from the philosopher Leibnitz and the Anton referred to in the title of the piece is Anton Webern, and more exact it is Webern's Symphony no. 21, which has long been a focal point, although Webern's piece is much shorter than Lang's Monadologie.


Morten Ladehoff: *Automateria  WORLD PREMIERE
Ricardo S. Eizirik: moloch machine, 1927 (in two parts)
Sarah Nemtsov: Luftmacumba / Rio
Bernhard Lang:  Monadologie XI ”for Anton” – 2. Kammersymphonie


* The piece is supported by the Danish Arts Foundation
Athelas is supported the Danish Arts Foundation


Athelas Sinfonietta Copenhagen

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