FILM: "Marin" and "Axel"


Archive: 1/6 2018, 17:00

Gothersgade 55
1123 København



For a whole day, KLANG festival interacts with live images for a series of concerts at the Cinematheque. In different ways, picture media and music reflect each other, including brand new pieces written for a specific film sequence in the Talkshow concert and with a movie made for an orchestral piece, and a movie about the same orchestral piece and its composer. By experiencing the entire KLANG i CINEMATEKET, you will be able to dive into the interaction between newly composed music and live images in many different ways.



Axel Borup-Jørgensen composed Marin over a number of years and the piece world premiered in 1970 and has since been performed and recorded a few times. It's a large piece and it is demanding for an orchestra to perform. It is also one of the greatest masterpieces in Danish orchestral literature. As a listener you wake up on the bottom of the deep deep sea. There is darkness and the creatures down here are enormous. There are giant sprays and whales and nothing but darkness. The weight of the water, the huge pressure makes every move a struggle. Not before 8-10 minutes into the piece, the music moves upwards. First through cutting white cliffs of empty water - and then up to a multitude of motion.

In connection with a new recording of Marin with the Danish National Symphony Orchestra and the conductor Thomas Søndergård for OUR Recordings, Lückow Film created an animated vision of the music that is being shown on this occasion. In addition, a portrait film about Axel Borup Jørgensen is also shown.

Together the films amount to approx. 60 min.


Film: Marin, an animated fantasy
Film: Axel, a portrait film