Theater Concert


DR Koncerthuset

Archive: 31/5 2018, 19:30

Ørestads Blvd. 13
2300 København


Two modern cult classics are presented in a large visual staging in DR Concert Hall Studie 2.
Luciano Berio's Laborintus II, inspired by Dante's Divine Comedy and Louis Andriessen's hard-hitting De Staat, inspired by the Republic of Plato, are two exeptional works from 1965 and 1976, which in their original way break the boundaries between classical concerts, opera and theater.

Berio's southern and jazzy finery stands in stark contrast with Andriessen's big band inspired breakthrough work. The concert is performed by musicians from DR Symphony Orchestra, singers from DR VokalEnsemblet and from the Theater of Voices.
The Reuma-winning instructor and scenographer Jacob F. Schokking stands for the stage and video installation.


Louis Andriessen: De Staat
Luciano Berio: Laborintus II

The concert is produces by DR Symphony Orchestra and Holland House with the supprot from The Danish Arts Foundation, Wilhelm Hansens Fonden, Toyota Fonden and Augustinusfonden.


Franck Ollu

The Danish National Symphony Orchestra

Holland House

Theatre of Voices

DR Vokalensemble

Else Torp

Kate Macoboy

Signe Asmussen

Laura Lamph

Demian Vitanza