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Archive: 30/5 2018, 21:30

Frederiksholms Kanal 24
1220 København


Ensemble Aksiom presents two performances of respectively. Finnish Lauri Supponen, educated in London and Helsinki and by Danielle Dahl, who lives in Copenhagen.

Kaj Duncan David's 451 from 2015 melts electronic sounds with sounds and sounds from the guitar - discreet, elegant and with some sense of panic or just intense energy en route to beauty with snoring electronics.

Lisa Streich's work Zucker was composed for "motorized ensemble" in 2016. The title means sugar, like the one you put in the coffee, not the ones you pour out. Streich also writes about the work: "Man against the machine. In contrast to the common perception, especially seen in the 20th century, one can get the impression that the machine is more human than man. "

Martin Rane Bauck's work is called Misantropi IIIb. Misanthropy means suspicion against people. In a short description of the work, the composer writes "old school music for ensemble". And that's what it is. Quiet and intense "old-fashioned" music for ensemble.


Lisa Streich: Zucker
Danielle Dahl: Music for bursting blood vessels  UROPFØRELSE
Kaj Duncan David: 451
Martin Rane Bauck: Misantropi IIIb
Lauri Supponen: Ubi Calamari  UROPFØRELSE*

* The piece "Ubi Calamari" ends at jazz cafe La Fontaine. More info

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Aksiom Ensemble

Kai Grinde Myrann