Zubin Kanga, piano and multi media

OPEN KLANG / Wikipiano

Frederiksberg Menighedshus

Archive: 2/6 2018, 14:30

Pile Allé 3
2000 Frederiksberg

Free entrance


The piece 2018, composed in 2016, is for piano and electronics, including a narrative that tells about the future and about pianists. Schubert’s Wikipiano is a piece where the score is a website, namely wiki-piano.net. The pianist performs all the content of this website, both text and sheets, and because it is an open website where everyone can in principle change things, there is a certain probability that the piece will never be the same.


This year KLANG opens the doors to a mini festival within the festival where the music is presented in short formats. The music of the composers Alexander Schubert, Johannes Kreidler, Neil Luck, Marcela Lucatelli & Mads Emil Dreyer. All three mini-concerts take place in Frederiksberg Sognehus and Church.


Neil Luck: 2018
Alexander Schubert: WIKI-PIANO.NET



Zubin Kanga