Morten Ladehoff plays Kreidler

OPEN KLANG / Wikiorgan

Frederiksberg Kirke

Archive: 2/6 2018, 16:00

Frederiksberg Allé 71
1820 Frederiksberg

Free entrance


An interweaving of conceptual art for organ by up to several organists. Morten Ladehoff plays music by Johannes Kreidler, Peter Ablinger and Morten Ladehoff.


This year KLANG opens the doors to a mini festival within the festival where the music is presented in short formats. The music of the composers Alexander Schubert, Johannes Kreidler, Neil Luck, Marcela Lucatelli & Mads Emil Dreyer. All three mini-concerts take place in Frederiksberg Sognehus and Church.


Johannes Kreidler:  Zum Geburtstag
Morten Ladehoff: PIECE OF ORGAN, for two organ players
Johannes Kreidler: ASFSP (As fast as possible)
Peter Ablinger: Organ and World Receiver
J. Kreidler/M. Ladehoff: BWV 540, - each bar compressed


Morten Ladehoff

Christian Winther Christensen