Tuesday 3rd June, 9:30pm, Festivalscene, Republique, Østerfælled Torv 34

Rei Nakamura

A voice, a statement recorded on CD plays  in concert with a piano. Such is the simple concept of Voice and Piano by Peter Ablinger. The large work-in-progress should end up containing 80 voices, or pieces that together make an overwhelming cycle. Mach Sieben by Michael Beil is going backwards and forwards at the same time. The music is the mirror and reverse - and the performer filmed and vice versa. All at the same time. "Music is time made audible" writes Klaus Lang about his own music. Time that can be sensed - this time in the form of the piano. Kreidlers Study was composed for piano and audio and video playback. Rei Nakamura premiered the piece in November 2011.


Johannes Kreidler (DE, f. 1980)

Study (2011)


Peter Ablinger (AT, f. 1959)

"Voices and Piano" (since 1998)

Nr 48. Marina Abramovic – WORLD PREMIERE

Nr 49. Setsuko Hara – WORLD PREMIERE

Klaus Lang (AT, f. 1971)

6 Preludes (2011)

Michael Beil (DE, f. 1963)

Mach Sieben (2000, originalversion)