Wednesday 4th June, 9:30pm, Festivalscene, Republique, Østerfælled Torv 34

DissonArt Ensemble

The powerful Greek ensemble has the ambition to perform Greek music abroad and take international music home. This concert embraces both.

A very European concert, with an ensemble from Greece, and composers born in Denmark, Italy, Spain, Switzerland and Austria. The quality of the sound and the texture of the tones will seep out into the audience as the concert progresses. Not necessarily as noise or intense sound but more as an invitation to delve down deep into the world of the music. In Sciarrino’s sensuous Chamber Music, in Furrer’s chilly, broken glass and in Rønsholdt’s heartfelt soundpower.


Niels Rønsholdt (f. 1978)

Fear and loath in g minor (2013)


Oliver Rappoport (ES, f. 1980)

Preludio (2013)

Salvatore Sciarrino (IT, f. 1947)

Omaggio a burri (1995)

Beat Furrer (CH/AT, f. 1954)

Retour an dich (1986)

Christoph Herndler (AT, 1964)

vom Festen, das Weiche (2007)


The concert is conducted by support from Onassis Cultral Centre - Athens


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