KLANG features Reumert-nominated ensemble and music without sound


Experience music written for all other senses than for hearing, young musicians between the age of 15-25 years disassemble instruments and music, as well as Old School works that have contributed to put contemporary works into perspective when the largest international festival for avant-garde music takes place at Republique on Østerfælled Torv 34, Copenhagen Ø, May 29 - June 4 2015.

Athelas Sinfonietta Copenhagen, who recently was nominated for a Reumert for the opera Babel, once again opens the festival with a large-scale concert. The concert includes a world premiere by the young Danish composer Jens Peter Møller and the renaissance music-inspired work Gymel (1983) by Ole Buck (DK), who this year turns 70 and is represented at several concerts during the festival.

At the height of contemporary music
One of Europe's most prominent ensembles of new music, Ensemble Modern (DE), will take part in KLANG festival for the first time. Except the work Chamber Music I (1979-80) by the aforementioned Ole Buck the concert consists of works that have not yet been performed in Denmark, including a world premiere by the young Danish composer Martin Stauning. This is an ensemble that since its beginnings 35 years ago has toured around the world and to this very day remains to stay at the height of contemporary music.

Young musicians play avant-garde
Chiffren Ensemble consists of young people between the age of 15-25 years who play contemporary music in collaboration with composers, soloists and conductors from the contemporary music scene in Germany. At KLANG they will perform the work In Spite Of, And Maybe Even Therefore (2007) by the award-winning Danish composer Simon Steen-Andersen, which despite the title's gentle, debating tone insists on noise and silence parallel to each other - at least for a while. Experience the young ensemble Sunday afternoon 31 May, when they will perform a free concert at Republique in Østerbro.

Is music simply sound?
The concert by the Danish composer Jeppe Ernst focuses on music as more than sound. Music is also gestures, emotions and mood. Among other things, the work Messe for en menneskekrop (2015) consists of physical contact, where the audience members are affected by the musician. “It is an attempt to explore the boundaries of music and to get closer to the audience. I believe that we have built up a distance. It is just as much this truism, I call into question. This distance to the experience of music at a comfortable distance.” Music is a way of organizing a temporal course and is always experienced with multiple senses. It is this realization that the composer Jeppe Ernst challenges in his portrait concert, which takes place in the culture centre KW3 in Østerbro.

Old School is the New School
The young Swedish pianist Jonas Olsson has specialized in playing music from the 20th and 21st centuries and has previously been performing with works by Pierre Boulez, as is the case at this year's concert series 'Old School: BOULEZ!' at KLANG festival. In 2015 Boulez turns 90 and has been celebrated at festivals and concerts in most of the world with KLANG being no exception. With great virtuosity Olsson embarks on all three piano sonatas as well as 12 Notations (1945) by Pierre Boulez. The three sonatas are masterpieces in post-war contemporary music and contribute putting today’s works into perspective. 12 Notations is the Old School programme’s oldest work. Olsson will try his strengths on Boulez' technically very difficult works in a way that has not yet been seen. The audience can experience the pianist over three days, with the last concert rounding of this year KLANG festival June 4th.

Furthermore KLANG 2015 counts a large range of great Danish and international artists and ensembles such as electro composer and sound artist Morten Riis (DK), the Canadian sound artist, performer and composer Nicolas Bernier, who is visiting Denmark for the first time at KLANG, the acclaimed ensemble Cikada (NO) and three musicians from the prominent German Ensemble Recherche, which performs classical works by the Danish composers Per Nørgård, Hans Abrahamsen and Ole Buck. In addition experience the French ensemble Soundinitiative perform tomorrow's composers like Alexander Schubert (DE), François Sarhan (F) and the aforementioned Simon Steen- Andersen.

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