Friday 29th of May, 7:30pm, Foyeren ved Festivalscenen

Warm Up

Warm up fo Athelas

Curious to understand the newest music? Now is the chance!

Danish composer Bent Sørensen in dialogue with german Brigitta Muntendorf. Muntendorf's Missing T is performed by Athelas

"Warm Up" is presented with SNYK

Friday 29th of May, 8:00pm, Festivalsc., Republique, Østerfælled Torv 34

Opening concert: Athelas Sinfonietta Copenhagen

Welcome to KLANG2015 and Athelas Sinfonietta Copenhagen!

Conductor: Pierre-André Valade

An insistent, fluttering piccolo rises in Athelas Sinfonietta’s opening concert. Ole Buck, the composer of this Renaissance music-inspired composition, turns 70 this year, and the festival features him at multiple concerts. The opening concert’s programme is international: Danish (x 3), German, Belgian, Italian and English. Muntendorf explores the absence of sound in “Missing T” – the final letter of the French word mot, for example, that is never expressed. Kuro ton’neru means a dark tunnel in Japanese. Nicolai Worsaae explains that he sees the composition as a modern odyssey or as The Divine Comedy – in a somewhat different context: “The journey takes place in a closed motor way tunnel and it is as if you are in a car game with very sharp colours. Contours and colours are transformed during the journey.” Stefan Prins amplifies the ensemble, plugs in a sampler and energizes a foreign body. Jens Peter Møller explains about “Starting Points”: “In the autumn of 2012, I went to Ghana where I played music with the group African Footprint International. I was really drawn, especially to the drum music I was introduced to. In this piece of music the African inspiration is very distinct. The title refers to the sketch-like structure of the composition: It must be understood as a number of beginnings or starting points rather than completed narratives.” The energy continues in Joytime Ride for Ives by Shlomowitz, for a time at least. And then the bird rises again.

Athelas is supported by Statens Kunstfond


Ole Buck:
Gymel (1983)

Nicolai Worsaae:
Kuro ton’neru (2013)

Matthew Shlomowitz:
Joytime Ride for Ives (2009)


Simone Movio:
Incanto IV (2012-13)

Brigitta Muntendorf:
Missing T (2013)

Jens Peter Møller:
Starting Points (2015) *

Stefan Prins:
Fremdkörper #3 (mit Michael Jackson) (2010)

* Commisioned by Athelas with the support of Statens Kunstfond

Friday 29th of May, 10:00pm, Festivalcafeen

Opening reception

Saturday 30th of May, 5:00pm, Koncertkirken, Blågårds Plads 6A

Cikada Ensemble and Martin Rane Bauck (no)

Debut concert from The Royal Academy of Music

Martin Rane Bauck has studied composition at the Norwegian Academy of Music with Bjørn Kruse, Asbjørn Schaathun and Peter Tornquist, and at the Conservatoire de Paris with Gérard Pesson. "hausmusik" is the 70-minute long conclusion of his studies in the soloist class at The Royal Danish Academy of Music with Niels Rosing-Schow, Hans Abrahamsen and Bent Sørensen.

The concert is produces by The Royal Academy of Music, Copenhagen


Martin Rane Bauck:


Fre admission

Saturday 30th of May, 8:00pm, Festivalsce., Republique, Østerfælled Torv 34

Poing! meets Figura ensemble

A unique danish/norwegian collaboration

Repeatedly, Figura has put together unique programmes ranging from vigorous vocal drama, soft sounds and ‘classical’ improvisation music to hard-core electro-acoustic music often with strong theatrical elements. The KLANG Festival has made possible a unique co-operation at this concert in which Danish Figura and Norwegian Poing! will mutually challenge each other in a programme consisting of brand new compositions from a number of composers with international impact.


Steingrimur Rohloff (IS/DE):

Nicolai Worsaae:

Märt-Matis Lill (EST):
Sitting quietly, doing nothing (2015)

Áki Ásgeirsson (IS):
312° - musik for 3 instrumenter og publikum (2009)


Timo Kreuser (DE):
– Danish Premier


FIGURA and POING! wish to thank the following for supporting the concert: Statens Kunstfond, Norsk Kulturfond, A.P. Møllers Fond, Augustinus Fonden, Knud Højgaards Fond, Det Estiske Kulturministerium, Kulturkontakt Nord, Music Norway, Solistforeningen, Fondet for Dansk Norsk Samarbejde


Sunday 31st of May, 4:00pm, Festivalscene, Republique, Østerfælled Torv 34

Chiffren Ensemble (D)

Young musicians play avantgarde

Dirigent: Johannes Harneit
Solo sopran: Julia Spaeth

The young musicians of Ensemble Chiffren play flowing, turbulent water sounds in Schneller’s Aqua Vit, inspired by an American stream, is arranged spectrally. They dismantle instruments and music in Simon Steen-Andersen’s full of contrast and energetic composition, which in spite of the gentle, debating tone of its title insists on noise and silence simultaneously – for at time at least. Matthias Ronnefeldt’s composition, composed for the organ, is superseded by Hespos’ multi-coloured composition commissioned by the ensemble. Hespos worked with the young musicians in the rehearsal of the composition, and it carries the dedication: To the Kids.


Oliver Schneller:
Aqua Vit (1999)

Simon Steen Andersen:
In Spite Of, And Maybe Even Therefore (2007)

Matthias Ronnefeld:
Christ ist erstanden, Orchester version: Johannes Harneit (1981)

Hans Joachim Hespos:
CON-fetti (2013)


Free admission

Sunday 31st of May, 8:00pm, Festivalsce., Republique, Østerfælled Torv 34

Morten Riis

Concert with composer and multi artist Morten Riis

Composer and all-around artist Morten Riis toys with a known instrument, which actually is not an instrument – the tuning fork. Based on the German physicist Hermann von Helmholtz’ experiments with synthetic sound, Riis creates an acoustic experience with 20 tuning forks ringing in new ways in a perfomative concert. The other composition of tonight transforms empty tapes to acoustic sounding bodies, which will be activated and controlled by modified Walkmen placed around the concert hall surrounding the audience with sound.


Morten Riis:
Cassette Music

Morten Riis:
Sensation of the Pure

The concert is supported by the Danish Composers Society and KODA's fond for cultural purposes

Sunday 31st of May, 9:30pm, Festivalscene, Republique, Østerfælled Torv 34

Old School no. 1: BOULEZ!

Jonas Olson plays Boulez

Pianist: Jonas Olsson

Jonas Olsson has taken it upon himself to play all three of Pierre Boulez' difficult piano sonate as well as 12 Notations. Jonas Olsson has worked with Boulez on a number of occasions during the rehearsal of these compositions. 12 Notations is the oldest composition in the “Old School” programme. “I wrote it to make fun of the dogmatic serialism”, the composer explained in a video interview from 2009. “I was a very spontaneous composer then. I was only 20.” The first sonata is composed the year after and is Boulez’ first 12-tone composition. It is full of features characterizing the composer: intense pauses and the use of silence, sudden outbursts and a restless, dynamic energy. And at the same time it offers a phenomenal overview of the entirety of the sonata.


Pierre Boulez:
Sonate I (1946) samt 12 Notations (1945)

Monday 1st of June, 7:30pm, Foyeren ved Festivalscenen

Warm Up

Warm Up for Ensemble Modern

Curious to understand the newest music? Here is the chance

KLANG has commisioned a new piece by the young danish composer Martin Stauning. Hear him talk about the creation process in dialogue with KLANG's artistic director composer Rune Glerup

"Warm Up" is presented with SNYK

Monday 1st of June, 8:00pm, Festivalscene, Republique, Østerfælled Torv 34

Ensemble Modern (D)

Experience one of the best european ensembles play New Music

Conductor: Benjamin Schneider

Horn: Saar Berger, Trompet: Valentín Garvie, Trompet: Sava Stoianov

“Quiet Please” is only one of Žuraj’s many compositions the title of which makes you think of tennis (other examples from Žuraj’s list of compositions are “Courtnr2”, “Dropshot”, “Deuce” and maybe even “Top Spin”). After the British first performance of Rihm’s “Sextett”, the British music critic Andrew Clements wrote that the composition “is typical of recent Rihm, inhabiting a dark, brooding world on which the whole weight of musical history seems to be pressing down.” Rihm is surrounded by two of his students – both Žuraj and Illés have studied composition with him. The title of Illés’ composition means ”Again ... circles”. After the intermission the music is Danish: The not often played composition ”Chamber Music” by Ole Buck, who celebrates his 70-year birthday, and Martin Stauning’s new composition ”Verdorrte Räume”, which, according to the composer, consists: “of a number of rooms in which time fades. In the beginning of the composition you are confronted with a kind of destroyed mechanism in small, solid cells and then at the end you reach open rooms where the boundaries fade out of sight.”


Wolfgang Rihm:
Sextett (2013/14) *

Márton Illés:
Újra ... Körök (2014/15) *

Bernhard Gander:
Insincere Sermon (2014/15)

Vito Žuraj:
Quiet Please (2014/15) *


Ole Buck:
Chamber Music I (1979-80)

Martin Stauning:
Verdorrte Räume (2015) **

* Danish premier

** Comissioned by KLANG with the support og the Danish Artfoundation

The Ensemble Modern is funded by the German Federal Cultural Foundation, the City of Frankfurt, the German Ensemble Academy e.V., the Ministry of Science and Art of the State of Hesse, the Deutsche Bank Foundation and the GVL. The musicians of the Ensemble Modern would like to thank the Aventis Foundation for financing a seat in the Ensemble

Monday 1st of June, 10:00pm, Festivalscene, Republique, Østerfælled Torv 34

Old School no. 2: BOULEZ!

Jonas Olsson plays Boulez

Pianist: Jonas Olsson

The third sonata has never been published in its entirety, but consists of a number of “formants” as Boulez calls them. Boulez started working on this sonata in the mid 1950's.
The third piano sonata is far more introspective and sound-focused than the second sonata. Boulez was around 30 when he started composing it, and it is far more contemplative than his earlier sonate. The sonata has an open form and the pianist has an influence on when each movement is played. Boulez himself has described it as a city map where the pianist must find his way through a dense network of different routes.


Pierre Boulez:
Sonate III (1955-1957, 1963)

Tuesday 2nd of June, 7:30pm, Festivalscene, Republique, Østerfælled Torv 34

Curious Chamber Players(S) and Ensemble Aleph(F)

Exiting new collaboration between swedish iCurious Chamber Players and french Ensemble Aleph

Home-built instruments, sound-producing objects of all kinds and a general preference for the unusual characterize Curious Chamber Players. Co-operations with jugglers, VJs, choreographers, directors, writers and actors characterize Ensemble Aleph. Together the two ensembles give a concert with new compositions by a number of international composers and by an old friend: Kurt Schwitter’s Ursonate. Bång’s composition shows irregular movements, inspired by sounds of mornings at metro stations. Munakata’s composition takes place in air, in a plane; Koide’s composition grew out of an earlier composition relating to Paganini’s Caprice no. 24. Papalexandri-Alexandri uses few elements, but unfolds them so that they fill up the sound landscape. The first performance of the evening is a co-operation between a visual artist and a composer who together create compositions which at the same time play together and against each other thus obtaining a dense, complete expression.


Dominique og Louis Clément:

Marianthi Papalexandri-Alexandri:
Gaze (2000)

Noriko Koide:
Hika Runners High+ (2000)

Malin Bång:
Turbid Motion (2010)

Kurt Schwitters:
Ursonate (1932)

Rei Munakata:
Buckle in the Air II (2012)

Tuesday 2nd of June, 10:00pm, Festivalscene, Republique, Østerfælled Torv 34

Nicolai Bernier (CDN)

Sound art and performance

The Canadian sound artist, performer and composer Nicolas Bernier presents two compositions in the series Frequencies. The material of the first composition – Frequencies (A) – consists of a number of tuning forks. In the second composition – Frequencies (Synthetic Variations) – all sounds are created using synthetic material. The performer controls small audio-visual sequences in real time.


Nicolas Bernier:
- Danish Premier

Nicolas Bernier:
FREQUENCIES (Synthetic Variations) (2013)
- Danish Premier

Wednesday 3rd of June, 7:30pm, Festivalscene, Republique, Østerfælled Torv 34

Ensemble Recherche (D)

New classics

Ensemble Recherche performs a part of Lazkano’s major composition series Chalk Laboratory. The series is divided into several cycles, and Errobi is one of them. The title of Nørgård’s work refers to the waving movements of the wind over grassy hills. Abrahamsen’s ten studies for piano have the following subtitles: 1. Traumlied 2. Sturm 3. Arabeske 4. Ende 5. Boogie-Woogie 6. For the Children 7. Blues 8. Rivière d'oubli 9. Cascades 10. Le trombe del mattino, and the composition creates a kind of description of the grand piano’s soul and its history. Each title – and each language – illuminates the music and the associations of the listener. The last composition is Ole Buck’s "Pan" for flute and piano. In "The Riot" Harvey hurls themes after and over each other in a luminous, brilliant piece.


Ramon Lazkano:
Errobi (2008-9)

Per Nørgård (DK):
Cao Shu – Letters of Grass (1993)

Hans Abrahamsen:
Ten Studies (1983-98)

Ole Buck:
Pan (1983)

Jonathan Harvey:
The Riot (1993)

Wednesday 3rd of June, 9:30pm, KW3, Krausesvej 3

Jeppe Ernst

Get your own personal concert experience. Entrance between 21.00-22.30

Jeppe Ernst explains: “The music for the concert is, among others, written for the facial musculature (Études III and IV) and the physical touch (Mass for a Human Body). The idea behind the concert is, in different ways, to explore the relationship between angst and beauty – angst as the gateway to beauty.” Jeppe Ernst knows how to push his audience no matter where the limit for the angst lies. He knows how to open the doors we didn’t think need opening and that we are not always willing to open. And the result is always surprising – with the likelihood of beauty and beautiful experiences on the other side. The pieces are invitations to each single member of the audience to step into intimate rooms for an investigation of the essence of music. Each composition is performed for one person at a time.


Jeppe Ernst:
1. Mass for a Human Body (The Social Treatments)
- The toes on the right foot
- The hands
- The head and the neck

2. Études
- Chorale (Étude III)
- Nocturne (Étude IV)
3. The Humans (first song)


Tickets 75kr (youth 50kr)
Tickets sold in the entrance. Cash only

Thursday 4th of June, 7:30pm, Foyeren ved Festivalscenen

Warm Up

Warm Up for Soundinitiative

Composer Michael Beil in conversation with professor in composition Niels Rosing-Schow


"Warm Up" is presented with SNYK

Thursday 4th of June, 8:00pm, Festivalsce., Republique, Østerfælled Torv 34

Soundinitiative (F)

Alexander Schubert’s compositions subsume different genres. He describes “Infinite Jest” as a bodily and aggressive arrangement of Free-jazz and Hardcore phrases. The title – the infinite jest – is here to be understood as an endeavour for an ecstatic state, the composer explains on. Soprano, ensemble and video are included in Michael Beil’s “Belle Nuit”, fragments of old sound flows around as in a dark sound lake of memories. Air, breath, oral sounds, paper, word, text and meaning – or lack thereof – populate Steen-Andersen’s “Difficulties Putting into Practice”. Sarhan’s has composed a number of “Situations” – scenic situations, episodes – that rhythmically and precisely expand in front of our eyes and ears.


Alexander Schubert:
Infinite Jest (2010)

Francois Sarhan:
Imagination (2012)

Michael Beil:
Belle Nuit (2009)

Simon Steen-Andersen:
Difficulties putting into practice (2004)

Francois Sarhan:
Vice-versa (2012)

Alexander Schubert:
Star Me Kitten

Thursday 4th of June, 9:30pm, Festivalscene, Republique, Østerfælled Torv 34

Old School no. 2: BOULEZ!