Remembrance of things – present...

ANMF 2012 – Athelas Musique Nouvelle Festival – new French and Danish music

Remembrance of things – present ... A boy reads Marcel Proust, an actor recites Samuel Beckett, musicians premiere a work scored for nine automobiles, a soprano reels of words and notes in an ecstatic frenzy, a pianist treats his audience to a delicious soup ...

Under the Patronage of the Prince Consort of Denmark, the festival will present the finest performers and creators of French and Danish music.

Athelas New Music Festival 2012 centres on French and Danish music with detours to literature, dance, theatre and performance. Brought to you by world-class ensembles, soloists, actors, dancers and more. Eight days and 25 events demonstrating the scope and variety of music and arts in France and Denmark right now.

To celebrate the 150th anniversary of the birth of Claude Debussy in 2012, the music of Debussy is performed alongside with the music of composers of our own time for whom Debussy is an inspiration. There is a long tradition of mutual inspiration between French and Danish composers. Get to know the sound of it, go explore, experience the historic connections and be on the scent of new musical sensations.

Look forward to an extensive roster of exciting concerts featuring leading artists and performers and creating a new, common perspective on contemporary French and Danish art.

Once again, the Festival venue is Republique in Copenhagen. In 2012, the Festival not only takes place on the Festival Stage and at the Festival Café but also in the cityscapes that surrounds it.

Athelas New Music Festival 2012 is under the Patronage of His Royal Highness the Prince Consort of Denmark andacknowledges the generous support of the Danish state, the Municipality of Copenhagen, and of sponsors, foundations and grants. We also wish to express our gratitude for the collaboration and support of our bilateral partners.

Welcome to the Athelas New Music Festival 2012!

Anders Beyer – Festival Director