KLANG - Copenhagen Avantgarde Music Festival welcomes you to a week of wild avant-garde anno 2013. If you thought that music had stopped kicking, KLANG is the place to go discover quite the contrary. KLANG is a musical platform for the most consistent, daring and uncompromising artists of our time - and we definitely promise that this week will be a living proof to that. The musical avant-garde is explosive as never before and during thirteen concerts you now have the chance to experience music ranging from unbound, dystopian noise music in Yann Robin's “Art of Metal III” for nineteen musicians and live electronics to intimate and fragile solo singing, refined chamber music for toy instruments, a concert for homemade musical instruments performed in a local pub, and an audio-visual concert in a league of its own with one of the most well-known contemporary artists, the Japanese composer Ryoji Ikeda. As a tribute to the roaring avant-garde of the 60s we even take a leap back in time and invite you to experience a rare performance of perhaps the most famous electronic music pioneer: The visionary “Kontakte” from 1958-60 by Karlheinz Stockhausen.
Welcome to a week of extraordinary music!

Christian Winther Christensen and Rune Glerup, artistic directors of KLANG.