”Athelas New Music Festival gives us 'new new' as well as 'old new' music and Copenhagen has now finally got the international festival for contemporary music, the music industry has wanted for a long time. ”
This was said by minister of culture Per Stig Møller at his opening speech at the Athelas New Music Festival 2011.

“Long live skilled musicians and programmers with a love for music who know exactly what they are dealing with. This is how to make a festival for the complicated contemporary music. This is how to make it relevant and accessible “was the conclusion of the Danish daily paper Politiken.

Read what the press wrote in the full press documentation here.

Expect the unexpected! A race between a bicycle and a grand piano, a famous conductor in front of 100 metronomes, high baroque rock with a rococo electric score, a soprano singing along with recordings of her own voice . . .

Athelas New Music Festival 2011 focused on German and Danish music, theatre and literature: Nine days, 25 concerts, CD and book releases, a musical laboratory, presentation of the newest technology within electronic music, and much more. For the first time in Denmark, you could experience contemporary German and Danish music in a comprehensive programme featuring renowned Danish and international ensembles, soloists, performers, researchers, composers and people from the fields of literature and theatre.

Headliners of the festival were the German composers Heiner Goebbels and Karlheinz Stockhausen, together with an array of other internationally acknowledged composers from Germany, Denmark and other countries. A common trait among them is the tendency to integrate elements of other art forms like theatre and literature in their work.

Republique is the collaborator and venue of Athelas New Music Festival. The festival is made possible by generous support from the state, municipal authorities, sponsors, foundations and grants.