May 29th to June 8th

KLANG Festival

Tivoli copenhagen phil / Kristjan Järvi

Det Utroligste

Contemporary Nordic Music

Oslo Sinfonietta (NO)


5/6 2018 Nordlyd / Composers Bergner, Thorsen and Snæbjørnsdottir
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7/9 2017 KLANG - Copenhagen Avantgarde Music Festival
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6/6 2017 Thank you for a great festival. See you in 2018!
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KLANG - Copenhagen Avantgarde Music Festival is Denmark's largest festival for contemporary music. 29 May - 8 June 2018 KLANG takes place in Copenhagen and Frederiksberg for the tenth time - bigger and more divers than ever before.

How does today's music creators work? - What do they think and how does the music contribute to shaping the communities in which we live? These are some of the issues we focus on when the festival over 11 days in May and June runs across a number of the capital's scenes.

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Focus 2018


Dramatic and visual orchestra concerts and opera

Discover how Copenhagen Phil and DR National Symphony Orchestra, the city's two biggest orchestras, with modern visual drama, give two very different bids on contemporary music interpretation ... or how the same is acchieved in Salvatore Sciarrinos quietest opera Aspern Suite

World class chamber music

In 2018 more than 30 Danish and international ensembles and soloists will visit the festival. On the program are names like Athelas Sinfonietta, Oslo Sinfonietta (NO), Decoder (D), Muzyki Nowek (PL) and many more.

Music for children and the young

Everyone has the right to great music experiences! With this in mind, we have created the mini-festival KLANG in KUBE, which takes place at KU.BE at Frederiksberg 3 June. Here the music is written by, being played by and listened to by a very young segment of the population.

Contemporary music in soft frames

Great and authentic concert experiences can be short and pleasantly conveyed! Contemporary music in soft frames is just that: We bring some of the most exciting artists and ensembles of the time to the crowd.

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