May 29th to June 8th

KLANG Festival

Tivoli copenhagen phil / Kristjan Järvi

Det Utroligste

Contemporary Nordic Music

Oslo Sinfonietta (NO)


5/6 2018 Nordlyd / Composers Bergner, Thorsen and Snæbjørnsdottir
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7/9 2017 KLANG - Copenhagen Avantgarde Music Festival
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6/6 2017 Thank you for a great festival. See you in 2018!
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KLANG - Copenhagen Avantgarde Music Festival is Denmark's largest festival of contemporary music. Since 2009 KLANG has been a steady bastion on the Danish cultural scene. In May-June 2019, KLANG celebrate our 10th anniversary. Keep an eye on April's revealing of this year's festival with a concert- and event program bigger and more divers than ever before!

In the recent edition of the festival, more than 40 concerts and events were presented throughout eleven days of intense festival. DR Symphony Orchestra, Tivoli Copenhagen Phil, Orkiestra Muzyki Nowej (PL) and more than 30 other orchestras, ensembles and soloists performed at KLANG 2018. KLANG takes place in a number of the most exciting venues in the capital each year. DR Concert Hall, Tivoli Concert Hall, Black Diamond, Concert Church, Cinemateket and others.

KLANG's work is supported by an increasing number of Danish and international collaborators, founders and donors, and KLANG has gained a three-year support from the Danish Arts Foundation since.

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