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KLANG Festival


13/5 2019 KLANG Festival 2019 is looking for dedicated volunteers
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18/3 2019 KLANG 2019 - dates and anniversary
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5/6 2018 Nordlyd / Composers Bergner, Thorsen and Snæbjørnsdottir
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KLANG Festival is Denmark's largest international festival for contemporary music. KLANG takes place every year in may and june in Copenhagne.

In 2009, the first KLANG festival took place, then under the name Athelas New Music Festival. From a sharply profiled niche festival, KLANG has since developed into one of Europe's major international festivals for contemporary music. This year, KLANG celebrates its 10th anniversary with yet another sparkling concert program!

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Focus 2019

Opera and late-night-curiosa 

World class chamber music  █

Free events for special occations █

Music for children and the young  █

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